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    Combat Arms NA Address's 21/08/13

    Address's for the newest patch:

    EDIT: Those of you still using gamestatus (dont use gamestatus, for the love of god), here is the address: 0x377F3A4C
    GetPlayerIndex Function: 0x3719ebc0
    GetLocalPlayer Function: 0x3719f660
    LTClient Pointer (CShell):  0x377db080
    GameClientShell Pointer: 0x3781ba2c
    FPS (Console Variable): 0x377c69f8
    Gravity (Console Variable): 0x377c7b30
    Walk Value (Console Variable): 0x377c7efc
    Forwards Running Value (Console Variable): 0x377c7f20
    Backwards Running Value (Console Variable): 0x377c7f44
    Sideways Running Value (Console Variable): 0x377c7f68
    Crouched Running Value (Console Variable): 0x377c7fb0
    Remote Kill (Guns): 0x37461b11 //i dont know if this is still valid
    Remote Kill (Knife): 0x37461e91 //see above
    GetFontHandle Function: 0x37382ad0
    Build Font Function: 0x37593a10
    Fill Font Function: 0x375946c0
    Font ECX: 0x37845348
    Run Console Command (Engine): 0x490570
    WorldToScreen (Engine): 0x49c5e0
    Send To Server Function Address: 0x479f10
    Draw Primitive Pointer: 0x76b440
    //Through Class's
    LTCLient VTable : 0x746ca0
    GCS VTable: 0x377db108
    Player Manager: 0x377fa02c
    SFX Manager: 0x377fa560
    LTModel: 0x7603c8
    Client Info Manager: 0x377fa988
    LTCommon: 0x760fb8
    Credits - USSR, Shadow, NeoIII, Ch40z-C0d3r, Flengo, arun823, Matypatty, and Gellin (i made most of the sigs myself but some of them i got from either one of those guys)

    Also attached is the dump of engine.exe from today. - Jotti's malware scan

    <b>Downloadable Files</b> Downloadable Files
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