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    Quote Originally Posted by lordzardeck View Post
    Just a friendly suggestion, but wouldn't make it easier if you opened it in a hex editor? That's what i've been doing. Not much better, but still better. I use hex workshop. Google it
    Lmfao, are you shitting me? Don't try to act like a smart ass because I opened it in both Hex Workshop AND 010 Editor, still comes up as useless, non-understandable shit.
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    has anyone ever tried using like a word thing that has UTF-8 i was reading somthing about how to read jibberish text but i don't know if it works or not...

    EDIT: ok i tried using notepad2 that has the UTF-8 it does not help decode it at all but if u have it downloaded on your computer and know how to use it go to the synthex scheme and put it at CC+ some of it becomes green so idk if this helps u out just a tiny bit but look through the synthex schemes and see how things change and maybe it will somehow get it a little uncoded.
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