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    its decent i enjoy when new comers actualy make thigns for tehmself it reminds me of... fuck that reminds me of no one the only new comers i ever see have a thread something like "[request] UBER MISSLE KNIFE WITH UNLIMITED AMMO THAT SHOOTS SHOTGUN SPRAYS OF MISSSSSLLLLLEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, plz plox please pls PLZ"
    14 posts per thread per hour, even at 1 thread an hour in 5 hours, general trolling time, thats 70 posts, and seeing as i try to run it at about 3 threads at a time, then i can make 210 posts in a day which means in 10 days i could be back to where i am if i started a new account, lol so in theory in a month id have 6k posts, in 2 months id have 12k, in 3 months 18k, in 4 months id have 24k and i could have the highest post count on the forum

    14*3*5*10*3*4=highest post count on the forums in 4 months

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    Quote Originally Posted by thegreatn00b View Post
    ahhhh it was suposed to be gold?? O_o i tough it was wood
    Lol. I have a mod that brings back the old L9 reload sounds should I post it? O.o

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