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Hey guys, noticed you wanted to boost! Only on 360. Join WorldClassGamers()net for 24/7 boosting clan! We have 750 members and are trying to grow to nearly 30,000+ members. We do every kind of boosting there is! Register, then go to "Boosting Applications" And copy and paste the sticky that is in there, and paste it into a new topic and simply answer the questions! You can now post on the Shoutbox! Our lobbies will never get messed up, and that's a promise! Come check us out for fast boosting!

And no-I'm not trying to spam. We have probably 15 people who boost with BFBC2 on our site, many of them are in the top 10. But we need more to make it run more smoothly! Feel free. (:

Ha ha ha!!! these guys are BHL rejects. lol

That's why they don't even post with their real GT. And no none of you guys are even close to the top 100, and I would know since I'm in the top 20.