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    Ultimate BFBC2 Guide Part l

    First of all, I would like to point out that BFBC2 is a unique game, which in turn means that you need unique strategies to be able to play this game well.

    Objective based:
    A lot of people play Battlefield like they would in Halo or Modern Warfare two. Killing the opposition is NOT your main objective, rather, the MCOM stations or the flags are your first priority.

    Join a squad soldier!
    Joining a squad is the first thing you should do once you get in a game. There are limitless reasons why you should join a squad, one reason is that you get much more points if you help out your squad. Another reason is that you get the option to spawn next to your squadmate, allowing you to help him if he is under fire or has breached the other teams defences. However, this does not mean that you always spawn next to any mate. One reason why is because if your mate is nearly dead, spawning right next to him means that you get turned into a human pincushion. Another reason NOT to spawn next to a mate is is when there are tanks or helicopters available at base.

    Play your class!
    Every class in BFBC2 has it's own special abilities and methods to be played, in which I will discuss in much more detail in a later thread. Basically, what I am saying is use whatever equipment you have at your disposal to help out your team. If you are playing Recon, frequently throwing motion mines and spotting enemies will earn you much more points than camping and taking pot shots at enemies. As I stated earlier, helping your team out will result in much more points than kills.

    Use your assets soldier (no, it's not the thing between your legs!)
    The UAV is possibly the most dangerous weapon at every sides disposal. However, you must use it to it's full potential before it can be considered effective. Here are some tips for effective use of the UAV.
    1. Keep at a high elevation, staying high means that the other team will find it much harder to hit you.
    2. Keep on the move
    3. If damaged, return to base to get a friendly engineer to repair you.
    4. The machine gun which is unlocked by the upgrade "Alternate weapons" is very effective at taking out camping enemies such as those bastardly Recons. It is best used at medium height.

    But after reading through all that, you may be asking what is the USE or PURPOSE of the UAV. Well, first and foremost, it should be used to take out enemy tanks/helicopters and machine gun emplacements. After destroying those, you may move on to infantry/MCOM stations

    Assests (cont.)
    Ahh, the wonderful tank! Like the UAV, it can be a destructive and unstoppable force if used correctly. You can stay in one tank a whole game if you know how to.
    First of all, the tank should be used from afar to take out machine guns/tracer darts, your main enemies. After those are taken care of, you may move up and unleash your full destructive ability. Here are some tips to using tanks
    1. Get a good gunner. A good gunner can mean dividends. How can you tell if you got a good gunner? A good gunner protects your sides and your ass and does NOT shoot where you're shooting. If you get blown up by those Recon bastards with C4, you can blame it entirely on your gunner.
    2. Get an engineer, or preferably two. An engineer can prolong the life of your tank by tenfold.

    Stick together!
    A team that sticks together is guaranteed a longer life then those who go solo. Sticking close to tanks is a win-win situation. The tank provides you cover, while you provide the tank cover from those annoying Recons.

    Well, that's all for now. I thank you for reading this thread (which I hope will get stickied). Look out for Part II!

    CJenson for ideas.
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    Good start!

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