These are the steps to posting an attachment correctly. Failure to follow these steps will result in a ban, and your file not being approved

Before posting, know the consequences:
> No uploading files with invasive/harmful features. (Permanent Ban)
> No uploading files without including 2 virus scans when applicable. (2 Day Ban)
>No screenshot of the hack/file when applicable. (2 Day Ban)
> No external URL/video providing download links. (6 Day Ban)
> No posting fake virus scans. (Permanent Ban)
> No claiming a hack that you didn't make as your own. (3 Day Ban)
> No posting hacks with auto updaters. (7 Day Ban)

Don't break the rules

Posting with proof:
To prove your hack works, you need to provide proof. You can provide proof through video or screenshots.

To take a screenshot, press the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard, then paste the screenshot in Paint. Other tools you can use to take snips of your screen are The Snipping tool or hyperdesktop

You can then upload the screenshot to an image hosting site like Imgur, Imageshack, or Tinypic.

If you want to use video proof, you can upload to YouTube.

Be sure to embed the screenshot/video correctly

Posting Virus Scans:
When uploading a file, you need to provide proof that it is not a virus. You can scan your file (the archive you upload as an attachment, not the individual file) at VirusTotal, Jotti, or Virscan.

I will upload a sample file to Jotti as an example.

Step 1: Go to two of the sites you are going to upload your file to. Click choose file

Step 2: Browse for the archive you uploaded as an attachment

Step 3: Wait for it to finish scanning, then copy the link of the results into your thread.

Step 4: Do the same one of the two other sites.

Reminder: Break any of the rules, and get banned.

Other things to remember when posting:
> Post what operating system you used
> Post what injector/loader you used

Thanks for reading.

- AvA Staf