Please, Is there anyone who would Buy me BF3 Premium (Cost- $48) and Crysis 3 Limited Edition (Cost = $27), in exchange for Account which has 3 Limited Edition Games :-

1. Battlefield 3 Limited Edition
2. Battlefield Bad Company 2 Digital Deluxe Edition (Vietnam DLC Unlocked)
3. Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Limited Edition

So If someone is interested in exchange for the above Account, Please PM me. ASAP

1. Use Proxy Indian Server to get the BF3 Premium and Crysis 3 cheapest as mentioned above.
2. I don't have Credit Card or Paypal account. (Origin only allows CC purchases only via my country i.e. India)
3. I don't have money, but I got this spare UN-USED account to trade with.
4. The Account is Brand new, It has not been used, and hence OFCOURSE, it is "NOT" PB BANNED. You can test/trail this account if you are suspecious otherwise.