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    Ex-Injector V2.0.0.0 (New) [09/05/2014] • New Features •

    Hello again with a new version from Ex-Injectors.
    With me you will always download the best injectors.
    As you see guys that I'm trying and doing my best for make the Ex-Injector the best injector in the forum or maybe it be the best in this section only.
    When I finished my exams I could add 4 features.
    How ever let's begin our thread.
    [What's New?]:
    [Screen Shot]:

    - Not like any spammer, I made it simple as I can by making it can write 8 things not just 1. In the next version will be 10 or 20
    [How to use?]:
    - Maybe it looks like a new tool for you cause of the 8 text boxes.
    - But it's easy using like any spammer.
    - Just type the text that you want the spammer to write in every textbox.
    - The spammer will start writing from the SpamBox1... to the 8th.
    Note : Interval = Speed (1000 = 1 Sec).
    2-Files Manager
    [Screen Shot]:

    - It can searchs for a file it may be hidden so you can't see if it's really hidden or permanently deleted.
    - It can starts / opens this program or file.
    - It also can deletes it. (Be sure from that before delete, the hidden files usually be with the system files)
    [How to use?]:
    - Write the path correctly in the textbox.
    - Press the Search button
    - It will pop up saying "Existing" if the program found it.

    - And will pop up saying "Isn't existing" if it's not found.

    Note : The open and delete buttons are disabled always, so you must search for the file and it must be existing for enable them.
    3-Searcher Tool
    [Screen Shot]:

    - This tool searches for a link on the browser.
    ~ You can search and make the tool auto opens a browser from your PC

    ~ Also you can use the tool's web browser.
    ~ The web browser page won't be white lots of time (Depends on your internet speed) so be patient.

    [How to use?]:
    - Just type the link you want to search for and press the search button.
    Note : Choose one from the both radio buttons for enable the search button.

    4-Screen Locker
    [Screen Shot]:

    - This tool locks your screen as its tittle says.
    - It's actually disabling your keyboard and the mouse but you can just move it.
    ~ Clicks are disabled.
    - You can use the opacity 30% only (In this version).
    [Screen Shot] (With 30% Screen Lock) :

    [How to use?]:
    - Just press on the Lock Screen button, the screen locks just 30% for now.
    ~ Next version will make it with writing. (Custom)
    Note : Double clicks on the locked screen for disable / close the screen lock.
    Well, to the main function of my tool. the Injector :
    [Screen Shot]:

    - Not needed.
    [How to use?]:
    - Download the program with pressing [Download and Thanks].
    - Disable your anti virus for be able to open the program.
    - Open the injector as administrator.
    - Write your process name.
    - Choose the Dll using the browse button.
    ~ You can clear all the Dll's you browsed by the Clear List button and remove one selected with the Remove button.
    - Start the process or the game you've choosed as target in the process textbox.

    [Special functions, features in the injector]:
    - Hard to get detected by any game anti cheat (The most special feature).
    - Safe tool from any key loggers or phishers (Always in my injectors).

    [Features coming in the next version]:
    - Password Generator
    - Screen Capture
    - Screen Recorder
    - Sound Recorder
    • Oh nice tool, I'm a coder and would like if you help me make a multi tool like this, can you share with me the codes?
    • Injector is not working, injector is not responding.
    ~ If you got any issues or problems using the injector or want some codes :
    Skype :
    Mobile : [+20]1274733176 (Egypt, Mobinil) ~> When call type this number : 01274733176
    • I have a lot of ideas I would like to add in your tool.
    - It's my pleasure. If you have any sugguestions or new ideas or tools want me to add just PM Me or comment on the thread or contact me by Skype or call on phone.

    [Virus Scans]:

    1~[Virus Total]:

    - Trojan virus MIMIMI a rat , fake MIMIMI ~> Don't download then.
    2~[Jotti Virus Scan]:

    At the end I hope I really made a nice job. And hope the success for me

    <b>Downloadable Files</b> Downloadable Files

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    Thanks for the release, will use this instead of tommy's injector for a little bit.

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