This is the number one asked question. Unfortunately, it is not possible to become a Guardian for free. However, you can become a Guardian for a small one time fee. Guardians get a lot more of the game and make the free portion of the game possible. Learn more about Becoming a Guardian.

How can I log into the message boards?

Our message boards are a great place to share adventures, ask questions and meet other players. While your account is linked to the message boards, you must sign up for the message boards seperately. Also, there is a short waiting period before you will be able to create your account. During this time, please search or browse through the messages to see if any other players have asked the same questions. Go to the Message Boards

I hate my character name! Can I change it?

Yes! There is an in-game quest called the Hourglass Quest that will allow you to change your name. See the Message Boards for details.

One of my character's names has been changed! What happened?

If your new moniker is something along the lines of "Soap Breath" or "Potty Mouth," one of the staff decided that your old name was not something we want the younger adventurers exposed to, and graciously gave you a more descriptive title. If the above didn’t happen, you may have fallen victim to a bug or been hacked. Please tell us about it through e-mail or the message board.

I can't log on! What do I do?

First, make sure you are using the correct username and password. If you are not sure, use the Lost Password Page to confirm this. If you get a message that your account is not found or that there is no account with that email address, you may have been hacked. If you think someone has tampered with your account, please look below at "I've been hacked, what do I do" for instructions.

Do you delete accounts?

We sometimes delete very old accounts that are not being used. We only remove low level, non-guardian character accounts. (By low level we mean under level 20, not accessed in the past year)

I think my account or character has been hacked, what do I do?

First off, look for an email from AQ that stated that your email address or password were updated. If you receive one of these emails and you did not change your email address or password, try to login immediately and set a new password and email address. If you cannot login and do this, then it is indeed likely that you have been hacked. Contact the HelpZard for more help.

I was hacked and lost all my equipment! Will you replace it?

Unfortunately, we are unable to replace equipment easily.

I gave out my password to someone else! I was scammed! Help me!

All you have to do is prove you own the account and we will turn it back over to you.

I lost my password! How do I get it back?

Not a problem. You can use the Lost Password Page. This page will email your account information to the email address you signed up with.

Do staff members ever ask for my password?

The staff will NEVER ask for your password.

I did not keep the notification email/ I do not have the information you need. What do I do?

If you are a Guardian, send your payment receipt information, along with your character id number to the Helpzard.
If you are not a Guardian, you need to find some email that proves that you own the account.

What is a Character ID Number? Where can I find it?

A Character ID Number is a unique identification number for your character. You can find it on your character webpage. As an example, this is Artix's character page . To find it, login on the home page. When you come to the ‘Select a Character’ page, click on the ‘?’ button instead of the ‘Play’ button. This will launch your character webpage. You can also find your Character ID Number on your character sheet. When you are playing the game, click on your face and it pops up your character sheet. Your Character ID Number is in the top right corner.

Thank you very much for your interest! However, we have no openings at this time.

Can I make items for the game?

We appreciate your creativity and effort, however we cannot accept files or items made from players.

My friend/significant other/sibling/etc and I share an account. We split up/no longer talk/etc and I want my character on the account transferred to another account. What do I do?

We do not do transfers. This is why we say you should have your own account. It is free to make a new account.

I can’t find <insert name here> in the game! How do I find it?

Check the message boards! They’re a great resource and they tell you how to do everything in the game. The Encyclopedia is a great place to start.

I’m not a Guardian but I have all the pieces of the Blade of Awe! How can I get it?

You must become a Guardian to get the Blade of Awe. One of the pieces of the Blade of Awe is the Guardian Blade. You take all of the pieces and the Guardian Blade to Valencia.

Can I have an item for free? Can I have some gold for free?

No. We do not give out items or gold for free.

I made a mistake! I accidently got rid of one of my items! Can I have it back?

No. You will have to earn it again.

How do I change my email address or password?

Click on the Manage Your Account link. Enter your current username and password. Click on the Change Password or Change Email link. Follow the instructions.

I got <insert name here> in the game, but it disappeared after I logged out! Why?

Some items in the game are temporary. They are so powerful that they can only be used until you log out of the game. You can always regain them by doing the quests again.

Can I trade X item from Character A to Character B?

No. We do not do trades. We just do not have a system in place currently to allow players to trade with one another.

How do I customize my Guardian armor, cape and trim?

You need to visit Valencia to choose your armor color, trim color and cape color. See the message boards for information on where to find her!

I have a suggestion for the game! Where can I send it?

You can post it here! The Suggestion Forum.

Setting-related Questions
What is this game's setting, anyway? There's nothing but a few cryptic allusions as to what's going on in the world.

The game was originally called "Lands of Rising Evil" which sort of explains that there's some evil afoot and it's our job to defeat it. The quests in the game help to flesh out the story line and fill in the details. More information can be found by reading Falerin's Stories in the Legends and Lore Message forum.

What are the elemental lords and greater beings that I hear mentioned in monster and item descriptions and message board posts?

The elemental lords are the deities of the AQ world. Each one champions one of the eight elements and is constantly striving against the others for dominance. Other than that, not much is known about these entities.

Why are water and ice separate elements? Aren't water and ice both water at different temperatures?

Well, that's what the water lord says. According to the ice lord, water is melted ice at certain temperatures. Light and fire have also had a long-standing feud about whether fire is simply solar energy stored within living things, or if the sun itself is just one big furnace. I won’t even start on the intensely theoretical matter/energy disputes between their respective powers. I wouldn’t breach the subject at all if I were you.

Gameplay-related Questions
I started getting zero experience and zero gold in battle! Why is that?

If you started receiving 0 experience and 0 gold in battle it is because we have a daily experience cap. This means that your character has reached its daily limit of experience and gold. If a character goes over the limit, the next battle reward will be zero gold and/or experience. The tracking is separate for gold and experience, so someone farming for experience may keep earning gold after they hit the max experience cap. The experience and gold caps are 10% higher for X-Guardians because of the X-Boost.

The daily reset time is at Midnight, server time. After midnight, you can start gaining experience and gold again.

Hey! This game lacks [something that any self-respecting online RPG should have]! What on earth is wrong with you people?

Patience, grasshopper. Adventure Quest is still in development. That means that not everything that will be in it is in it now, and not everything that is in it now will be in it when it's done. The beauty of this arrangement is that you can surf on down to the message board and post what you want to see included in the game on the Suggestions Forum. Go ahead! We won't laugh, honest!

How do I see my stats and the stats of my foe?

Put your cursor on either your character's portrait or that of your enemy.

How do I raise my stats?

Find one of the trainers in the game to increase your stats. The level and attack damage of the trainers is set to match your own abilities, and all of their stats are 5 above your own, so it will always be a tough battle. You need to reduce a trainer's HP to 25% of their maximum to make one surrender and officially raise your trained stat by 5 points. There is a gold cost for training, and the price is higher for training higher level stats.

What do the percentages beside the elements on the character and monster stat screens mean?

These show you how well-protected you and your foes are against the various elements. 100% means no extra protection. The full damage of an attack gets through. Above 100% means you take more than normal damage from the element. Less than 100% means you receive less damage from that element. Negative percentages mean that attacks of the corresponding element actually heal you or the monster.

What do the numbers beside ‘Melee’, ‘Ranged’ and ‘Magic’ on the status screen mean?

They represent the likelihood of your character blocking an attack of the corresponding type. Higher is better. Melee attacks are ones where the foe comes into physical contact with your character by punching, kicking, biting or swinging a weapon. Ranged attacks involve a monster throwing, shooting or spitting something at you (they never run out of ammo.) Magic attacks involve the enemy casting a spell your way (they never run out of MP either.)

What do the weapon stats mean?

First of all, remember that the damage numbers in the stats represent damage before elemental resistance are taken into account. Element shows the element embodied in the weapon. Hitting someone with a weakness to fire damage with a fire weapon will cause them to take more damage than normal. The percentage bonus is added to your odds of scoring a hit against an enemy. Experiment and shop around to find out which are the most useful.

I attacked with my weapon, and it did something weird instead of the normal attack? What’s up with that?

If by 'something weird' you mean an attack that's different and usually more powerful than your normal attack, what your weapon just did is called a 'special'. Certain weapons have the ability to do a different attack instead of being used normally. The likelihood of activation and type of attack vary from weapon to weapon.

Where can I get a pet?

Pets can be purchased in the Pet Shop in Battleon or found on random encounters. Some pets are better than others, and they each specialize in an element.

What are the secrets? How do I find them?

They wouldn't be secrets if I told you! Please do not go begging for them on the message boards!!!

Are there any cheats for Adventure Quest?

No, and if there were, we would remove them!

Why does the Frogzard Rider armor spit at my enemies?

The Frogzard armor is not a weapon. I know it looks like your mount is doing the attacking, but that’s just your imagination. The critter’s spit is just as powerful, accurate and has the same elemental alignment as whatever weapon your character is currently wielding. Don’t ask me how.

What fixes most problems with the game?

Closing your browser, and re-logging into the game, fixes most problems. Try clearing your temporary internet files if the problem is specific to an item, quest, or monster not loading. Make sure that the latest Flash plugin is installed for your browser. Also, you can try using a different browser or computer to help narrow down the problem.

How do I clear my temporary internet files?

Open up Internet Explorer. Click on Tools. Click on Internet Options. Click delete cookies. Then click settings. Make sure ‘Every visit to the page’ is selected under ‘Check for newer versions of stored pages. Click ok twice. Close all Internet Explorer windows. Then reopen Internet Explorer and try again.

What browser does AQ run best in?

We recommend using Internet Explorer. Other people use Opera and Firefox with no problem. If you experience problems, always go back to using I.E. If you are using a Mac, be certain that you have the latest version of Flash running on your web browser.

Payment Questions
Where can I find more information on Guardian Upgrades?

See the official Guardian Upgrade FAQ

Why does it take so long to send things through the mail?

We have no control over the postal mail service. We upgrade accounts the moment we recieve the letter. If you would like your account upgraded as fast as possible, we recommend that you upgrade online. We recommend if you use the mail, that you send your letter with delivery confirmation so that you know when we receive your letter.

Can I pay for Guardianship with any other method than the methods listed?

No. We only accept Visa/Mastercard/AMEX/Discover and PayPal or PayByCash online, or checks or money orders via postal mail right now. We do not accept SMS, phone billing, or payment over the phone.

Can I pay with cash?

Yes, but it is not secure to send money through the postal mail service. We don’t recommend it. We are not responsible for any letters that are lost in the mail, or any mail that does not make it to us. We recommend getting a money order which you can get at the post office and most convenience stores.

I have a Guardian character, but I do not play that character anymore. Can I transfer my Guardianship to a friend’s character/another character?

No. Guardianship is not transferable. See the Guardian Page for more information.