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    AQ Simple Guide

    Travel Passes

    At the Warlic's magic shop select 'Explore Shop' and mix Slattwob, Dust, Magma Leaf, and Bad Juice in the pot to give you a Pet Rock. Speak to Valencia in front of Yulgar's Inn and visit Valencia privately (Grumbugly). When you now select 'Travel Passes' you will be able to explore certain locations without Guardianship.

    Heal Deep Wounds Spell

    When you are a level 10 wizard you will be able to buy the Deep Wounds spell (heals more than 135 hit points) at the paladin shop in Yulgar's inn. When you battle strong enemies and your health goes below 300 use your Wizard armour, then your Divine Magic when it is your turn to attack. Use any healing spells for extra healing.

    Hidden Hole

    There is a hole that is hidden at the main town which is accessed by clicking to the left of the button that reads 'Battle Monsters'. Do not go down if you are below level 15 as the monsters in the hole are powerful.

    Escape from Isle de Oriens

    When you are trapped on the Isle de Oriens there is only one way to escape and that is to go to the door on the left and choose the passage on the right that goes to the boiler room. Select the ladder and enter the room and Vince will explain to you how you get out. Pick the first of the two options and Vince will ask you if you want a very rare water weapon. If you accept it the offer it will replace your Guardian Sword or Long Sword.

    Health Potions and Rare Spells

    Make a Health Potion:
    At Warlic's shop say 'explore shop' to him and find the Magma Leaf and place it in the big pot. Find Frogzard Tear and along with Mermazon Kelp put that in the pot as well and you will get a Health Potion.

    Make Rare Spells:
    By adding the following combinations together you can create the corresponding spells.

    Fireball Z:
    Elder Saggidus + Conflagration + Lavai + Fallarion + Cayla's Mirror

    Whirl Tide:
    Elder Saggidus + Conflagration + Lavai + FallowSea + Shadow Storm

    Star Forge:
    Elder Saggidus + Conflagration + Lavai + FallowSea + Kad Morag

    Easy power cheat

    This cheat only works if your a gaurdian since the thing you need you must be a guardian to by.ok,first go in the tower and go into the gaurdian shop.scroll down the wepon list and buy all the elemental fists.if you are a martial artist your power will incres while useing you have every element at your disposal.and,you will always have the element your enemy is most weak to.

    Ghost Pets

    IF YOU ARE A GAURDIAN go by a pet in the gaurdian tower.sell it then go into battle.your pet will still be there and will attack as always.he will only stay as long as your playing.when your log out,he dissapears.

    Make yourself stronger.

    Go to Keld Naer, and choose the first side. Choose Warlic as your partner and flee from the battle. (optional). He'll still be with you, when you leave. Go to Ballyhoo and get the Flaxe. Go to 'Battle Monsters' and fight with the Flaxe. It makes you stronger. (I did this, and I got 32 hit, then he left and I couldn't hit higher than 11)


    Go to rip in the sky then let yourself be eaten by Pae (the tree gecko) then,keep poking on the same place till your life goes to 0 (not recommended to high levels) then,finish the Pae mini game (there's a help hint in hints how to get out)the when you battle you'll attack then Suddenly you die!

    How to make money! [guardians] lvl 40+

    First of all buy tonns of cheap weapons and armour when you can, occasianlly buy some good stuff, when you have the money and lvl and you are a guardian buy an ice were in the guadian tower, next is the easy part, go to Gnameor and go into the haunted house, after 3 battles there will be a chest, collect the money, potions or rare items then go out. Next go into the inn in Gnameor and heal, repeat process as many times as you want, once you have 6-7k of gold/money go into the GUARDIAN TOWER and sell all the stuff you have bought and don't use, because you bought cheap stuff in the first place they don't decrease the price as much! When you are lvl 45 sell your ice were and buy an ultra fire were! Now you will have around 8K, and an awesome pet, repeat the whole process except this time buy stuff worth a little bit more.

    Skullwraith Blade

    Go to Battleontown talk to Valencia go go into Special Codes and enter "oicu812"

    cool gecko armor for 1000 g

    Hi! To get a cool gecko armor go to rip min the sky, then you click on the gecko on the tree three it eats you,click somewhere on the skeleton, and find a note. Read it or something, and then click around the skeleton again and find some code thing. The first words are: geeko nidea. And then click almost in one of the botom corners of the code thing and find a gecko. Play some mini game and get the last piece of the code, now click in the other corner and get a feather. Click around with it until the gecko says something like : hahahahaha
    Click on that area until it spits you out, and now you speek bla bla bla bla bla bla
    Until you can buy the gecko armor for 1000 g! It has a pie special attack.

    Guardian dragon

    First off you buy dracomancer armour.Then I don't know if you have to be level 10 or not in dracomancing but you have to hold the guardion staff or whatever your guardian unsellable item is.Now press attack against a monster.This dragon will do a lot of damage (I had it do 299 to a minotaur) in elemental x.This only works sometimes.

    Blade of Awe

    To get the Blade of Awe you first must be a Guardian or an X Guardian because you need the Guardian blade in order to complete the Blade of Awe. There are many ways to obtain the Blade of Awe. You first must collect all the pieces in order to build it. First you need the stonewirth(or something close to that name, it is the mold of the blade of awe). You can not do anything until you obtain this mold. The best place I have seen so far is the Crossroads on your travel map then click on the sign somewhere. You need to complete all the battles which is 10 battles and you will need to do this more than once because you don't have a high chance to get all the pieces right in a row but you could. But it will take a while to obtain the pieces, but keeping going to the crossroads then somewhere on the sign. The pieces are the handle, blade, power, the hand guard and finally the Guardian blade. Once you have all the pieces talk to Veranica in Battleon and then click the Visit Grumbugly tab to speak to her privatley. Once you do click the blade of awe tab and she will build it for you. This is how I obtained the Blade of Awe.

    Easy and Cheap Powerful weapons!

    Okay when you log into AQ, the Answer is right in front of you.... Go to the Inn where you would purchase weapons from Hans, do not go to him for powerful and cheap weapons, instead, go to the arrow at the right of the screen, to the lounge, where you see two people: Aquella and Sage Uldor, click Sage Uldor and he will say something about "I may be blind, but I can see your future..." and on the bottom of your responses you will see [Drakel Black Market] which is where it sells: Strong cheap Weapons, or atleast cheaper than other shops... You will also see, Pets, Sheilds, Armor and Spells, not much but most of the things I bought here were pretty helpful....

    Thanks for reading

    If i helped you thank me or +rep me

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    Not very well written, some parts look as if they were C & P'ed.

    Thanks for the contribution anyway
    I'm back.

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