Note: This method takes longer however it reduces chances of being banned from continually hitting the level cap but only slightly.

Instead of using Legion (2) and Dark Madder (2) to reach level cap within 2 or 3 fights try and farm the Essence Dragon quest.

The reason for doing this is that many players reach there level cap because they farm continually on the Essence Dragons as they give both a high amount of EXP and Gold. An example that can be used is that if you do get banned you can send in a complaint saying that you did this legit (you can just use the Auto-win function on AQElite if you are lazy) and to look into the time it took you to reach the level cap. If they can they will realize that you did spend more time then just 4 fights to reach it and will unblock account.

This is just a theory that they can see how much time it took you to reach the cap and how long you were on for on a particular day however they will generally unblock an account if you kick up enough fuss as they will not want to deal with it.

Another thing you can do is farm Essence Dragons until you near you cap and then fight Dark Madder (2) or Legion (2) as it will maximize the amount you get because you will still receive the 32 million EXP and 1 million Gold whilst adding on all EXP and Gold farmed from the Essence Dragons.

These methods are useful for people with times on there hands and who are bored.

I hope you find these methods useful and post if you have anything to add to them!