Skip everything in this section if you want the damage now, explanation be darned.
[SPOILER]Most of you may have noticed that for 14th february, AE released a new Snugglefest Event, called Matchmaker.
I am not going into detail on the quest, but there is a scene where you transform into Galanoth, and fight some monsters with a bouquet of flowers (long story).
The scene is a common AQ type of quest, with its usual bright comedy and zany misadventures.
Galanoth's set, however, is not.
You have a 44% to everything armor (with a below average attacks), and a shield that only appears when the armor is equipped and sets every element to 21%.
Meh, you might say. How good can a puny armor and shield with everything to 21% be? Maybe good for fighting Goggs and Nagas, but nothing out of the ordinary.
The set's true potential, however, appears when used with its weapon and armor special.
I'll explain the weapon first.
Its description tells us it is a 0-0 earth weapon. When used with any armor other than Galanoth's, its BtH goes to the skies (Not missed once again Wolfwing), but is fixed to an earth element weapon.
When it is used WITH Galanoth's Form, its element goes from a simple earth to a lesser element-seeking weapon, but, for some reason, loses the Bth.

As for the armor special:
This is the strongest skill in AQ's history. Again, it changes any weapon to lesser element-hit, but for its SP cost, 4 attacks is nothing.
With the flower boquet, it lesser element hits, gets the BtH back up and flying, and its damage is boosted around 7x. This means you can destroy tanks without breaking a sweat. In fact, I defeated every single undefeatable in Aq Elite's list barring Carnax 1 on 1, so give it a try!
This concludes the explanation of what works what.

a)Today's Event -> SnuggleFest -> Match Maker (In case this goes rare, open Admin Menu, and write "quest-matchmaker.swf" no quotes in the box in order to access the quest).
b)Go through the quest (All dialogue, so use F5 to skip).
c)Get to the fight, and use "Back to Town" in Elite Hacks to get to Battleon.
d)You should have transformed into Galanoth, his build being that of a Pure Warrior scaled to your level.
e)In order to get your equipment back, just swap the order of two items in your inventory. You will be able to use all your weapons, spells, and shields.
f)If you read the explanation, you might remember I said the two most overpowered set items were the armor and the weapon. Well, a close third is the shield. It still gets you to 21% every turn, BUT this is regardless of any shield you have equipped, and miscs can still decrease your resistances. This means you get to keep the shield effect without caring of its resistances. Use any IronThorn and Power Shard: Hogg to get the maximum damage possible.
g)This is where the paths diverge. You can either use the SP hack (F4) in order to get unlimited skills, or simply play legally until you get the SP required. You will, however, keep a Pure Warrior build, so, if you want to change it you can either untrain and retrain Galanoth's stats or re-login to reset your character.

NOTE: I am not exactly sure how this works, but it seems the XP gained as Galanoth if you don't swap your inventory items is added to your character as you relogin.

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