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    C/A/T Clan - Reducing potential risks

    Faces you shouldn't get when doing the face hack:

    h ttp://forums2.battleon.c om/f/tm.asp?m=2981274 (remove spaces)

    Faces you can get:

    h ttp://forums2.battleon.c om/f/tm.asp?m=21142726 (remove spaces)

    Obviously do not buy items from shops that haven't been released yet, duh.

    ^^Above risks are the one's that hold the most effect into placing you in the C/A/T Clan

    Have a nyan cat wallpaper: h ttp:// (remove spaces)

    Ultimately C/A/T doesn't really affect you thanks to AvengerQuest and his "[Tutorial] AQ Elite Guide to Getting One Billion Gold in 1 Day! With Pictures!"

    -Gold & Exp shouldn't be a worry, AQStats have crashed and AQ Mods hardly give a crap, seriously. Last time i checked i was 30-40m over the exp cap everyday. That also goes to rare items.
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