Ok, so i was browsing the Accounts for sale threads and I found some guy ("AQGUER") trying to sell a friend of mine´s account, which of course
he does not posses nor has the password to the account.
Can anyone help me in this situation?
Here is the thread where he tried to sell this account which is not his ( i can´t post links so paste this after .net/forum/ )showthread.php?t=939398
If you want to know, in the official AQ forums, this guy has already been caught and his account got permanently banned, if you want to check who is the owner of this account he can be found named as "Thor", just as his character, which is linked to that account.
I believe this behaviour should not be allowed, it is against the rules and deterres the atmosphere of this forum.
This is a new account, but nonetheless, something has to be done. In the other forums he already got banned, i ask if at least that thread could be deleted.
Thank you and have a nice day