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    Aqworlds Hack Gold and Level V0.1

    Virus Scan: VirusTotal - Free Online Virus, Malware and URL Scanner
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    1) Permanently banned for attemptive account stealing
    2) thanks for the Gmail account

    3) I got in pass your security question because one choice was "What place do you usually sign-in?"
    Because I have access to your IP address and did a reverse search of it, you live in Malaysia (flag under profile clarifies it) and I got into your Gmail account, disabled as much as I could. Hopefully you don't steal anymore accounts of shitty browser based non-multiplayer games.
    4) Thanks for the League of Legends accounts too
    5) thanks for the youtube account as well
    ‪XxToxicInsanexX's Channel‬‏ - YouTube

    All to me


    and I added you to my list of Phishers/keyloggers etc;
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