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    Exclamation - Selling Level 45 Rank 10 Evolved Shaman 1.2 Mill Main Account -

    Level 45 Rank 10 Evolved Shaman
    AQW (Adventure Quest Worlds) Account

    Account # (For inquiry) - ES01


    Male Evolved Shaman account for Adventure Quest Worlds. Unique, "Iconic" 5 letter healer name. Has completed a bunch of quests, but not a full series. Max non-member enhanced level 41-45 armor/cape/helm/weapon, enhancement set is Luck/Wizard 1:3 for higher crits, as suggested by the majority of the people on the forums.
    Acquired 11 badges while playing. This character can solo bosses well.

    For an extra layer of security for buyer, the account has been purposefully left unconfirmed, meaning there is no way for me to recover it once it's sold.
    Direct link to character's page not given for my sake, I do not wish to get my accounts banned. Will gladly send direct link to Moderator for confirmation.


    - Level 45
    - Evolved Shaman 10
    - Healer Rank 10
    - Arcangrove Rep Rank 10
    - Doomwood Rep Rank 5

    Notable Items:

    - 100x Unopened Member's Treasure Chests
    - 8 Awesome/Unknown Member's items, 4 of which are reknown hard to obtain Desterrat Moya Boss drops!
    - 1,200,000+ Gold to buy anything you want in the game!
    - 11 Badges

    Trade Details:

    Option 1 - We use an official Middle Man and split the cost 50/50.
    Option 2 - You go first, file a claim & cancel, then the information will be sent.

    Post/Message offers.
    Please include Account #.

    e-mail: mmorpgcharacteroffers @ gmail . com
    msn: mmorpgcharacteroffers @ gmail . com
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    All accounts, all day.
    Time to get rid of all my characters, happy bidding.

    AQWorlds, Guild Wars, Runescape, Maplestory, AVA, Forsaken world.

    Inquiry, (E-mail/MSN)

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