This is an ok account. Not my best... But it's ok.
And due to a scammer I'm not selling for PayPal cash anymore.

Offer me something good on my Skype.



Ranger (Rank 10)
Ninja Class (Rank 10)
Dragonslayer (Rank 1)
Berserker Bunny 12
Undead Ninja Armor
Dark Arts Scholar
Prismatic Magi Robes
Protector Armor

Blood Cloak
White Feather Wings
Lightwielder Shield and Sword
Bunny on your Back 12
Mage's Hood
Prismatic Wizard Hat
Transforming Berzerker Bunny Helm 12
Savage Hare Morph 12
Treasure Chest
Ripper Kangaroo
Axe of Many Flames
Shadow Terror Axe
8 and a half Inch Nails
Bedraggled Cherrywood Cane
Bound Sword of Serekh
Cypress Blade
Sword Of Animus
Shadow Ninja Blade
Tyrant Blade
Big 100K


Wall Items

Floor Items

It's name is (tobuscus xd) without the brackets.