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    AQWorlds July 04, 2012 Design News !

    I will be making daily news from now on when they come out.

    As the shadows fall...
    The Undead Legion Rises!

    In the frigid darkness of the Underworld, poisonous whispers hiss on the wind. The hisses turn to rumbling, rumbles to growls, until the unintelligible voices begin to scream. The winds cry, keening with their calls. These are the sounds of the undead, the ones forgotten and left to the darkness. Alone.

    A ghostly blue light begins to shine, highlighting the twisted halls and cavernous chambers which pit this desolate realm like jagged, angry lesions. As the glow grows brighter, unseen eyes watch the Undead rise.

    Staggering to their feet, they shake the dust off of bones which have lain motionless for centuries. Compelled to move, urgency fills empty chambers where once their hearts beat; an unknown force pulls at their broken feet.

    Lurching and swaying and crawling, they make their way to the place where they know HE will appear. Their Master. The Evil. Dage is waiting.

    Across Lore, tens of thousands of the Undead Legion muster to his call. Though still alive, they are bound as tightly as the new Undead Dage has recruited. They all belong to him, body and soul, and they will ALL fight and die - or die again - at Dage's command. Those who survive the war will reap the rewards and many riches Dage has to offer.

    He knows that Nulgath, the Archfiend, is readying his followers to take the field against him. He laughs to himself, relishing imagined images of the utter defeat the Fiend's pitiful warriors will suffer at the hands of his highly-trained, loyal Legion members.

    There can be only ONE supremely Evil being in the Underworld, and Dage has grown very tired of his temporary home in Shadowfall. The souls he'll steal from Nulgath's fallen army will only increase his power. No bad bonus, that.

    He has decided. Nulgath will fall and Dage's reign will begin. He knows this war is his to win.

    Credits :

    Alina ( From AQWorlds )
    Been granted permission..
    MSN :
    Skype : noobishies

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    I heard this news in 2days ago

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