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    Working Private Servers!!!

    Post your or someone else's Private Servers of the AQW format (please give Cred if available to owner)
    Please list info in this order (or as much info as you know)
    I've noticed alot of dead servers lately (none that work to be exsact)
    - Name of Server
    -Hamachi or Non-Hamachi
    -Online Typically or Specific time
    -Last verified time working
    -Server Caps
    -Number of servers
    -Level caps
    -Copied items ( of AQW) or Unique items
    -Typical amount of players per server
    -Is there away to support this game?
    - Chat Restrictions/ Chat Ability
    - Custom Maps
    - Estimated time running (days/months)
    - Any/All other useful info
    - Oh and finally the link :P
    @Nico or @Hero Sticky Thread? Please It be nice to organize this all in one place
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