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Actually you gonna facepalms yourself. Why? I didn't ask anything for the other person, the other did it because he thought is the only way to do it. I still wonder how many US stupid noobs are on here. Have you saw anywhere that i asked for the password? No you stupid yanks.

Purple Bold Signature-

Where I actually said the word "Terrible"-
Nice job with the numerous logical fallacies. You went through a lot of trouble to fake an email and then decided to just proceed with the "purple" part of the signature. And then proceed to explain everything off as an American being stupid. Quit acting all butt-hurt because someone pointed out that the email was faked. It's quite evident that YOU wrote the email, since you clearly don't have a good grasp of English, even though you live in the United Kingdom. I'm sorry if you can't spell and have horrid grammar. Maybe you should have stayed in school.

Also, that's a very BRIGHT idea to log onto his account. The only person at fault here is you. It sounds like you were trying to scam the player in the first place. Otherwise, the staff would have immediately removed the mute after reviewing the chat log, which they didn't, because they KNEW what you were trying to do and have done in the past.