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    June 24, 2013
    The Start of the Week…
    …is the beginning of many adventures!

    Happy Monday! Glad to see you made it out of Grimskull’s Dungeons alive. Or perhaps you didn’t. Thank goodness for Respawn, amirite? =D

    We’ve got a whole action-packed week ahead of us in our favorite fantasy MMO. Check out everything in store—and everything that’s leaving the stores, too—in this week’s AdventureQuest Worlds release write-up!

    Tyronius’ Shop leaves Tomorrow
    The countdown timer is ticking! Adorned with Blood Lord loot, Tyronius’ Featured Artist Showcase Shop in the Battleon Game Manu leaves Tuesday afternoon.

    Now is your last chance to get the Blood Majesty Set, Blood Lord Plate Set, and the color-custom Abyssal Darkness Set. There’s something for everyone in Tyronius’ shop!

    Beleen’s Featured “Artist” Shop on Tuesday
    Alright folks. Let’s get something straight: I am, by no means, what you would consider an “artist.” As a writer, my artist expression flourishes with an ink-dipped quill on lined canvas.

    But when it comes to straight lines, shading, colors, and animations… I just kinda DERP all over the place. A kindergartener draws better than I. At least THEY understand the fundamentals of painting a picture…

    My first attempt at a "catfish." Props for making it uglier than the real thing.

    However! For whatever reason, I have been granted with the power of DERP. I make ridiculous monstrosities DERP and HURP all over the place, and tomorrow you too will be blessed (or cursed?!) with my derpy creations.

    Oh and don’t worry, it wouldn’t be Beleen’s Shop if there wasn’t any PINK! After hearing your suggestions on my Twitter, I have buffed a bunch of your favorite items with Adorableness (aka lots and lots of pink)!

    My shop should have an item that perfect for you! So long as you aren’t Artix. Who is going to have a Chickecow once he sees my shop… ^o^

    I’ll post some previews on my Twitter first…and then flood the Design Notes tomorrow morning with ZOMG SO MUCH NONESENSE!!11!1one!!

    DragonClaw Armor Set leaves Thursday
    All good things must come to an end. Including the special offer DragonClaw Armor Set when you purchase any AdventureCoins package worth $4.95 USD or more!

    DragonClaw set bids its farewell on Thursday, June 27, at 6pm EST. If you wanna taste the power of the Dragon, get your DragonClaw Set now AND get more AdventureCoins that you crave!

    Color-Custom Shadowfire replaces DragonClaw
    Do we have a deal for you! The Color-Custom Shadowfire Armor Set will become available after 6pm EST on Thursday, June 27, when you purchase 900 AdventureCoins or more!

    The Shadowfire Armor Set includes:

    Shadowfire Emperor Armor
    Shadowfire Skull
    Oppression Katana
    Shadow Katana cape
    Character Page Badge

    Scorn Saga Continues Friday evening
    Descend into Dage’s Underworld this Friday night! Now that the Volcano on the Isle of Fotia has frozen over, a path leading deep into the Underworld has opened.

    The entrance to the Underworld harbors Underworld Souls and the monstrous personifications of Guilty Joys: Anxiety, Old Age, Fear, Hunger, Death, Disease, Sleep, Agony, and Grief. With the guidance of Aeneas the Warrior and Sibyl the Prophetess, you must find the Golden Boughs, defeat each Guilty Joy, and make your way past the Elm of False Hopes to reach the river Acheron!

    Dage's Legion Champion Armor and Class!
    To prepare for the coming Legion Champion Class, we are releasing the Legion Champion armor this week! It is only available to Legion Members, but as long as you ARE in the Legion, you can purchase the armor for AdventureCoins OR farm Legion Tokens to create it!

    Rule the darkness!

    Even MORE for you this week!
    Summer Token Shop! (Previews go live today)
    World War AQZ shop!
    Treasure Chest update! (Members get two FREE keys to unlock them!)
    Maya's Bestiary Writing/Drawing Contest!

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    it didnt do the pictures

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    Ayy Lmao

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    Quote Originally Posted by NecroHealer View Post
    Dat copy and paste.
    that is he can atm
    You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else
    Albert Einstein
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