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    Quote Originally Posted by Klax View Post
    I'm already rank 10 doomwood but I want to use boosts on other reps.
    Open up Le Bot

    Check to see if you have one open bank slot and one bag slot

    Go to Battleon, if not there already

    Click on the Le Bot options menu

    On the menu, you will find a thing that says "Get" and right by it, it should say "Gold Boost" with a drop down arrow

    Click the arrow

    Choose "whatever" boost

    Click get

    Click "Yes" to get the first item

    If you don't log out, log yourself out

    Log back into and stay in Battleon

    Since you never turned off the bot, the boosts should still be coming in

    Press F1 and go to the Misc. page in your bank

    You should be able to see the "whatever" boost spam back and forth between the bank and bag

    Let it run until you have "whatever" amount you want



    If it doesn't work, then look through the old Le Bot threads, JamesRo had explained it somewhere there.

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