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    Behaviour Rules

    Looks like we need some rules regarding behavior in this section.

    • NO FLAMING. If you flame, you will be infracted or banned.
    • No FLAME BAITING. If you do so you will be punished 2x more than someone actually flaming.
    • If, for some reason, you have a problem with a post, you are to REPORT IT. Do NOT mention minions or any other staff members.
    • Requesting close, ban, delete or any kind of requesting is not allowed. You will be warned/infracted for doing so.
    • Begging / Soliciting for anything is not allowed. Soliciting means any sort of requesting of an item, work, or anything else along those lines. Alternatively, you could look up the Dictionary Definition of Soliciting. (Telling people to "Please thank/rep" you is not permitted)
    • Advertisements or outside links are not allowed to be posted in any shape or form (with the exception of known tech developer sites, main games website, image uploading sites, etc. ex: Microsoft, Battleon, Imageshack).
    • Phishing related discussions, help, or anything related to phishing is NOT ALLOWED. Consequences will be given depending.
    • Spamming / Trolling is not tolerated. Depending on the spam, you will be dealt with accordingly.
    • Posting a bunch of emotes and no text, or posting an image which has no relevancy to the thread/topic is considered as image/emote SPAM.
    • Bumping threads is not allowed. Bumping is when you post in a thread that has had its last post being over 4 weeks or more. You will be warned/infracted.
    • Account Giveaways: If you only release one account, then don't release it at all. You should have two or more accounts to be released. (If you don't give them away (post the account information in the thread) then don't even make a thread, "guess from _ - ___ threads are spamming, little contests for accounts are not accepted either)
    • Threads not related to Adventure Quest World will be deleted, or moved to a section where it fits the most.
    • Threads that related to Adventure Quest World but are in the wrong section will be moved to the correct section.
    • If you break a known rule purposely, you'll be banned.

    For more rulings, read the main site rules.

    Flame Baiting: Purposely luring someone to flame you, or someone else. Thus luring someone to break a rule (flaming).
    Soliciting: To seek and request for something.

    More rules to be added soon.

    Credits goes to @Hero

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