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    [Rep Bot] Blade of Awe!

    Hey Guys,
    I am not sure if this bot has been made before or not.
    I was just trying to farm reputation for Blade of Awe using bot manager, and found a way which was really really effective.

    However, the effective way works ONLY with Blaze Binder class.
    The reason is, it attacks all 3 monsters with about equal damage, as well as the skills cannot be dodged/missed (probably a bug in class).
    Therefore, all monsters dies about together, and then it changes to other part of map with 3 other monsters.

    I have arranged the skills which worked ideally for me for Blaze Binder in the bot.

    I have also added one more bot which would work for normal classes, however it is slower than the bot of BlazeBinder.

    I hope you like the bot! ^^

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