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    dpDesigns Trainer 3 v1.8 - Includes DragonFable, DragonFable Lite, MechQuest Trainers

    - This is the latest version as of 2/25/12.

    Trainers included: DragonFable and MechQuest. More coming soon!

    The "Main Menu"

    You have the Announcements/Messages on the left box which is updated regularly.
    Then, you have the Updates on the right which includes everything that was added and/or removed.
    In the middle you have the list of trainers and options that you can choose from. Select one and press the big round Start button to select it and start!

    Also, you have 6 buttons on the bottom which includes,
    Poll - Can be activated / deactivated by me. Take a small poll for future updates!
    Register - Which is a registration process done by the program for you. It registers you into the server and can be denied or even approved by me. Registered users are able to use the full function of the program while non registered users are very limited.
    Browser - Which is a browser made by me. Its not as good as the known browsers you use on your computer but its pretty nice. As long as it works, am I right?
    Update - This is a button that enables you to use the download which is already in the program that lets you download the latest version if you haven't already chosen to do so when you started the program.
    Support - The support button lets you send a support ticket or whatever you want to send me. I already know you wanna say something. Heres an easy way of doing so. You are limited to sending one per Main Menu openings.
    Exit - Its the same as the control button in the top right corner. Remember that minimized button? Yeah, that button. This closes the program completely.

    The DragonFable Trainer

    This includes a high variety of hacks with smaller programs that helps with your gaming experiences. As I found out more things to add that will be helpful, you will already know dp Designs will have it, soon!

    How to start it up~
    I know this your first time opening this up so the first thing you'll need to do is to go to the menu bar located on the top. (That long gray bar on the top. Yeah the one that says Programs, Hacks, ect...)
    Click Program
    Now we need to update dragonfable to the trainer. How to do that? Read below ↓
    On the program tab click Update Manually or Update Auto.
    Update Manually is the couple character string that you''ll need to enter. How to find that? Go to the DragonFable website and play the game or you can click the link above. Now, look at the bottom of the page or just right under the game screen and look for "Build:". The build is that string I was talking about before. Look beside of it. It should say something like this, "Build 11.3.1". Now you need to convert those numbers! No, don't leave now it takes 5 seconds. See the numbers and the periods, decimales, dot, whatever you want to call them? Keep the numbers, replace the dots with "_" underscores and there you go. So the converted version will be this, "11_3_1" . Easy right? Use that to enter into Update Manually.
    You can just press Update Auto and you're done. Aren't you glad I coded an Auto Update feature?
    Remember that you only have to do this once! Unless you are playing this from a .rar file.

    Ok, now you can press Start DragonFable.
    Log in as usual..
    Select a character..
    Press Load Hacks!

    Bam! Stats and hacks are now loaded and usable!

    Hacks included -
    Stat Changer
    Bag Slots
    Dragon Amulet
    Character Level Changer
    Quest Hack (Experience and Gold Hacks)
    Custom (For hacks that are not in the trainer that you can use)
    Hp/Mp changer
    .swf Player (Plays .swf files on top of DragonFable)

    - Lil tut for the experience hack
    During a quest.. Enter "9999" or "999999" for both Exp and Gold and check Freeze. Kill something and when the Exp and Quest rewards show.. Press OK. Wait a second after the screen is loaded. You should be able to do this indefinitely!
    Note: Sometimes this will not work and be a little bugged. Try using the .swf's. Luckily I supplied multiple .swf files for you to download. Check SWF on the top menu bar and press download. Now go to the .swf player in the utilities.
    - How to use the .swf player.
    .swf are flash player files. They are just like the game itself. But, some people or even you can make .swf files for DragonFable. What the player does is simply play it and puts it on the game, just like the hacks on here. Hacks communicate with the game to do this and that as .swf can do the same, just fancier.
    How this works is .swf files are played in layers. By layers as in your peanut butter jelly sandwitch. You have the bottom bread, one layer, jelly which is another layer and ect.
    Now, how to use it.
    In the File Path, type in the .swf folder or file location. It'll load into the list to the left, the big white box after you push "Get". Or you can use the browse button, "..." button. Now, select the .swf in the list, in this case choose "Hack Menu" and press play.
    Also, if you want to play another simultaneously, put another .swf in another layer. So, one in layer 1 and another in layer 2. Or even one in layer 55 and another on layer 85. Don't matter. After you select "Hack Menu" and push play, there should be a menu like on the top left. Press the blue arrow, Character, and then Quest Reward. Push on on both gold and or exp to activate. You can close if you want.

    Also, this trainer includes a ScreenShot taker + uploader + viewer,
    Timers (Countdowns, Counters, and StopWatch),
    "Notes" which is pretty much like an advance notepad.
    Armor, Weapons, and Pets Item List
    Mouse Macro
    Item Comparison Tool

    DragonFable Lite

    The DragonFable Lite version is a simpler, less packed and quicker way to go into the game. It features some of the most basic hacks without all the extra features.

    MechQuest Trainer

    Features everything that DragonFable does! Except... all the extra external utilities.

    - Thats all ima explain in this thread. I could go on forever.. I know this thread is long and you don't wanna read all this! I don't wanna read it and I wrote it, damn!

    Want more? Take a poll! Or even request it here.
    Have any questions? Send a support! Or like before, ask here on this thread, via pm or vm.

    What you need before using?
    Flash Player 8.0 or higher
    .Net Framework 4 or higher
    .Rar extractor
    I think thats it.
    Download and Virus Scans -

    Virus scan #1 - 1/43
    Virus Scan #2 - 0/20

    VirusTotal wanna be trippy with the b***** *** ONE of 43..

    Ok, Download below!!!

    Under the advertisement! Like right underneath this.. Yeah.. Its like right there ↓
    IF IT SAYS ATTACHMENT AWAITING APPROVAL then the download is not available.
    Say this right here..

    Approve this hack now!
    Just copy and paste and bam!
    Approve this hack now!

    Tell'em! What can they do? Approve this hack for the 5 of you that gunna download this!

    Also, thank and rep Much appreciated.
    <b>Downloadable Files</b> Downloadable Files

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dawgy Dawg View Post
    Just copy and paste and bam!
    No. Don't do it unless you want to get banned. Approved.

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    Stuck at "Loading..." no matter if I choose to update auto or manual...

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    Give Us a video u using it and then ill download it.

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