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    Creating Custom Armour - Part 1

    Programs Needed :

    - Sothink Swf Decompiler [Trial can be used]

    - Flash Professional CS3 or above

    - Brain with reading abilities

    Section 1 - Creating The Armour

    Part 1 :

    First you will need a base for the designing process of your armour and to help positioning files later in the tutorial, so you will need to download the base class of the warrior armour from dragonfable load the below link and then hit "Ctrl+S"


    Part 2 :

    Open the newly downloaded swf file into Sothink swf decompiler or you can right click on the swf and simple hit convert to FLA, theres no need to change any of the settings

    Part 3 :

    Now convert to FLA format we are good to good so open it up in Flash of your choice im currently using CS6 for this tutorial, you should see something like the below image

    Part 4 :

    For this example i will be recolouring the class armour to gold and changing the shoulders, so double click on the part you will like to create a custom piece for, im starting with the shoulders once double clicked you will be inside that movieclip this is where you will draw your new piece or armour.

    Part 5 :

    Start a new layer inside your selected movieclip / armour piece

    Part 6 :

    Using the line tool get creative

    Part 7 :

    Continue with the rest of the armour till your happy with the finished product

    Part 8 :

    Now go into each of the movieclips and select your custom piece you have draw and copy them

    Part 9 :

    Create a new fla and right click > paste in place, the piece you just copied and this will make the piece be in perfect alignment when loaded into the game

    Part 10 :

    Save this fla in a new file as whatever you would like i usually call this publish as we will be deleting it later on.

    Part 11 :

    Under File go to publish settings, uncheck HTML Wrapper and then the output file name as what the piece of armor is for instance myn would be shoulder.swf, once completed that hit publish

    Part 12 :

    Do this for all the remainder of the pieces and name them accordingly eg back lower arm will be BLA etc.
    [ note you can just copy them into the publish FLA file just make sure its only that armor piece on the stage ]

    Part 13 :

    Where ever the publish file was saved you should have eventually a bunch of swf files in that same location like so

    Section 2 - Uploading

    Coming Soon


    Section 3 - Loading Into The Game

    Coming Soon

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