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    [Hack & Cheats] Network Packet & More...

    Hello guys!
    So I recently noticed that there's not a lots of thing released for the AE Epicduel game.
    With that being said, I started to make my own research playing with some Network Packet.

    The only types of hack I have seen while playing ED was a double attack and a name changer.
    I am still surprised about the name changer thing since the game is server-side so I wonder how he did it.
    However I came on a few useless but funny things playing with Packets. I decided to make a list about all of this.

    This list will also be updated if I or anyone else find more things. I don't take credits for anything I found so have fun.

    So first, I'll write a simple and quick tutorial about how to receive & send packet from the game itself. Skip it if you already know how to do that.
    We won't use Winsock Packet Editor simply because it only allow to overwrite the packet and not add information or stuffs like you would want to do if you go deeper. Instead we will use a simple open-source packet editor "" ; now that you have it installed, open it and you'll have this

    You'll have to attach it on your web browser ( File >> Attach >> Chrome ) , also, the best would be to close every link such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter... Those can send packet and you'll lag in a list of useless stuffs. Here's a example with Youtube opened so you can see what happen when you have multiple onglet

    All right, now you got it attached to your web browser we can continue.

    First, let's understand how it work. Actually you don't have to be a sorcerer or a professional mathematician to understand... My 10 year old cousin got able to understand easily when I explained it to him. As a example, let's create a new character and write "A" in the name, now press confirm. The game will tell you that its invalid but the packet will be logged. Here's what I'm talking about...

    Pretty simple uh ? Make sure to click on the image to see it in HD quality.
    So now lets have a look at the Packet Editor, you can see that there's 2 Method...

    one is WSASend()' which is your computer sending information to the server..
    And the other one is recv which is your computer receiving information from the server.

    Since the game is server-side you can only edit WSA Packet and send those back, The recv one is useless to edit... '

    Back to the character creation.
    You can see on the screen that I got the char creation packet which is a WSASend(), on the screen, there's a blue square on it.
    Search it in your packet list and once found, right click & select "Edit Replay"; if everything all right, you should see the same thing as me.

    Note : The write type is set to overwrite, press Insert on your keyboard to set it back to normal.

    You can now edit the packet and send it back as a example you can bypass TITAN name which is not allowed by default, simply add space or invisible character to use it; The only thing you can't do is to use already used name, else you can use whatever name you want here's a example.

    You can also do way more but some stuffs aren't allowed such as changing the level. You'll get banned.
    Make sure to use a test account with Packet to prevent ban! Now let's take a deeper look, you know those varium helmet you always wanted?
    Now you can have them! Simply edit the charHairS ID to the helmet you want as a example : 41...

    Tada, we are done ! Click send and boom! Now I'm sure you can do lots more such as changing the armor, changing the default weapon, etc.
    I didn't take a deeper look at Char creation... But, here's the final result. :

    Special : You can use explicit character and censored text which will change your in-game name to a * !

    Now... what about... skipping the introduction? Or even cloning yourself? You can! Simply scan the packet while changing maps at first.
    Once done, you'll see a packet WSA type with the map name you got on. here's a example :

    Simply edit the replay, change the map name for TrainHubCenter_4 and send the packet and boom! Now you can open your maps and save your default spawn location!

    So now have fun searching with packets and make sure to send me what you found! I'll edit the thread and write more example and more tutorial about stuffs you can do using it later tonight, for now I got to go at work' Cya !
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    Closed upon request.


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