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    SnD quick scope/noscop lobby

    Alright the lobby is at 6:00 tonight everyone come so far e have 5 contestants

    forgot!!!!! it is on x-box 360 and my GT: saugywaffles just message me.

    okey since this isn't working this is pretty much only 1v1's i am going to say everyone who wants to do this go on at 6:00 p.m today, then message me so we can get a game going! It is 4:31 where i am so you guys have roughly 1.5 hours until the game, Maybee if we make it a game the winning team can get something, a prize, like if there is someone willing to 10th prestige them for free. I dont know but anyways 6:00, prize or no prize it will be fun!

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