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    It's that time again. Due to some difficulties with our last minion, two spots have opened up for our Call of Duty Hacks section(s).

    Before I continue I would like to point out that this thread is on an application only basis. Any other side chatter will not be tolerated and you will be banned at the discretion of any Gmod/Mod present.

    - 200+ Posts Yep
    - Play the game or can get it downloaded Yep
    - Active in their particular time zone Yep

    Application Format:
    -Name: Themonsterman
    -Age: 24
    -Availability: Nights / days if im not working
    -Time zone: GMT ( UK )
    -Helpful threads on MPGH (preferably 3 examples w/links):
    i cba to get links but all my m00esp / m00Xp / and about 100+ threads of true facts about game mechanics and hacking.
    -Further information about yourself: i code and make cheats and know information about it that people like to assume they know but dont and there for get people banned. im awesome and everyone loves me. i own my own site and got banned for advertising it in a screen shot where i was actually trying to demonstrate my Kick ability in my new hack but obviously the build in game advert was in the screenshot and i got banned for it.
    My play mw2 without steam ability and info / hints also my m00esp + other features i released throughout 1.77 to 1.82 my m00 Lite texture hacks i released from 1.75 - 1.80 And i dont mean leeched ... i mean made and coded by my self with the help of SuperNovaAO and some other coders who help support me in my projects of engine reversal.

    Possible Questions you may have:
    - Can we apply to more than one section? Sure, why not
    i dont care about other sections at this momment in time.

    - If I am a mod or minion, can I apply? Sure, go for it
    im not a minion but its been a dream of mine for along time.

    - When are applications over? When we finish viewing the applications
    ^ i like this answer

    - When will the application process stop? When we finish viewing the applications
    ^i dont like this answer

    - Can you clarify what the word availability means? This is not the job for you
    Availability means to be available in Italy ? i think but im not 100% sure yet ill google it.

    as i am sure your see this application and go omg we need this guy hes a pro
    ill save you the trouble of going to my info to get my email. or MSN me at
    OR Visit me on Quakenet at #m00Chat OR goto my website which i wont ADVERTISE here as thats against the rules ... see im perfect for the job i know rules and everything.

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    Serious Applications Only. Failure to comply, And I'll just ban you.

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    Well obviously we have all the apps that we're going to get.

    Thanks for following the format

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