In a new series, I will be telling you about ALL MW2 killstreaks.

Description: This deploys a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) that shows enemies on the radar for 30 seconds. Multiple UAVs (from the same team) makes the refresh rate faster.

Unlike in Call of Duty 4, UAVs fly around the map, so they can be shot down. They are rather weak, so it's better to use your primary weapon rather than wasting a valuable missile on them. Players using the Cold-Blooded perk won't show up on the radar.

Care Package
Description: Airdrops a random killstreak or ammo. If you can't get to the high level killstreaks on your own, use this. Just throw the red signal flare and wait for the helicopter to drop the package. The package can be stolen by anyone, even by your team mates, so be careful!

Care Packages can be seen on the radar by everyone. It's marked green if it's friendly, otherwise red since it belongs to the enemy team. Care Packages, Emergency Airdrops and Tactical Nukes can't be acquired from the package. Below are the drop rates:

14.78% - Ammo
14.78% - UAV
13.04% - Counter-UAV
10.43% - Sentry Gun
10.43% - Predator Missile
9.57% - Precision Airstrike
6.09% - Harrier Strike
6.09% - Attack Helicopter
4.35% - Pave Low
4.35% - Stealth Bomber
2.61% - Chopper Gunner
2.61% - AC-130
0.87% - EMP

Predator Missile
Description: Allows you to remote control a Predator Missile to the ground. Your screen will change to an overhead view and you have approximately 5 seconds to control the missile to your target. You can give the missile a boost to make it go down faster.

Enemies that don't have the Cold-Blooded perk will appear with a red box around them. The Predator Missile has a moderate explosion radius, so you don't need to hit the enemy dead-on. You can also use it to take down enemy helicopters and harriers.

You are vulnerable while controlling the Predator Missile, but if you get killed on the ground, you can still continue your missile attack.