Hey so yesterday the attatchments were down so I ended up getting a hack from somewhere else, but I've heard some chatter and I think this bug is with some other hacks for AlterIWNet so I'm going to try and help you guys.

I noticed that when I use hacks, if I click refresh on the server list the game crashes. I also saw other people talking about this bug. I found a fix that might not work with all hacks but it does for the one I'm using.

My hack isn't injected on startup. I have to start the game and minimize, run the hack, select features and go back in game. If your hack is like this you can use this method:

When you start up the game, before you minimize or do anything with your hack, refresh the server list. All of the servers should show up and you shouldn't crash. Then you can minimize and turn your hacks on. The best thing is that once you refresh, you can back out of the server list, change classes etc, and the servers will still be in the list for you to join. The only problem is that you cant refresh again without crashing so they will become outdated soon.

I hope I helped some of you people, I know I wish someone had posted something like this when I first encountered the problem, so I figured it's my duty to let you all know now that I found the fix.