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    MW2 Spec-Ops FoV trainer + New Member Introduction

    Hi, guys, nice to meet you all! It's my first visit to this forum, little about myself: old school PC gamer from Quake, Unreal, RtCW, CoD1, CS 1.6 times, hate consolels and what gaming has become after 2008, highly competitive, cheated in mp only once: used infinite nitro trainer in FlatOut 2 that made me race worse, lol.

    I spent a day making my Russian mw2 games on two computers fully English and figuring out how to change fov in SP. Unfortunately setting fov to 90 in Spec-Ops seems impossible and forum search I did here, didn't find a program, should I bug silentrunner2 about making Spec-Ops FoV trainer (he wanted to do) or is there one already?

    Considering Call of Port: Console Warfare is releasing November 4th, he will have a lot of work making FoV changers and such..

    But right now I just really want to play MW2 Spec-Ops (for the first time) with my friend and default fov is unusable

    Thanks in advance!
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