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    New to modding i need a laser sight code for my litle mod.

    As the title says i need a code for my mod.
    i love laser sights and i am using bot warfare as base mod for me and my friends.

    Things that i have change so far:
    1)ac-130 40 min to fly away
    2)sentry gun 10 min to self-destruct

    And now am trying to add laser sights that can be toggled on and off on any weapon by all players,just for the visual beauty.
    I dont know nothing about gsc modding.So far i have manage only to guess that i need to put my modded files in


    And do the changes i need on this files.
    But the problem is that i dont know how dvars are suppose to work i have read 4 tutorials so far but i cant say i got it right.
    This is my code in _rank.gsc:

    self setClientDvar("sv_cheats", 1);
    self setClientDvar("cg_laserlight", 1);
    self setClientDvar("laserForceOn", 1);

    As you can understand i have copy\paste this code, after some test i did on other ways to add my own code and failed to get it working.
    but this don't work ether.
    So can some one give me a code? tell me ware to paste it? i know that this is not the right way but this is the only thing that i really need and my personal mod is done.

    Thanks in advance

    (i use alteriwnet lan server)
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