ok i wont you to help me help you i make hacks for mw2 could you fill this in

Hey Guys ^...,^ Here I Code MW2
Would You Be Able To Help Me Full This In Thanks ^...,^ {FOX}

Key: # - When You See It Like So “#0” this means if you filed in the question “0” then in the brackets
What You Answered So “ #0 (Josh) ” This Is Asking If you Did question “0” then in the brackets You Picked That Answer Full This Question In Please.
* - If You Are Looking At MPGH/FTG MW2 VIP HACKS
@ - Now In A Public

1] Would You Like Hacks In A Menu/GUI Or Hotkeys
2] When You Wish To Download Would You Just Wont The Hack/DLL Or The Hack/DLL And A Injector?
#3 (The Hack/DLL) What Dll Injector Do You Use Any Way?
3] Would You Like The Hack In “RAR” From The Software “Winrar”
Or The In Built Windows “ZIP” Format.

*4] What Features Would You Like To See In The MGH/FTG VIP.

5] I Have Seen A Few Ideas About EG: “Can You Make A Hack That Works In Attack Chopper “AC-130 ”With Unlimited Predator Missiles”
This Helps Me A Lot When Thinking Of New Ideas When All I Can Think About Is Hacks I Have Seen Or Coded. Can You Please Tell Me Other Ideas On This Post.
NOTE: My Current Hack VIP Is:
@ Crosshair
See Explosives
Atuo Stab
Trigger Bot

Thanks ^...,^ {FOX}

P.S if you think i;m jsut going to use this
i helped on the real one before that leecher warz then now he adds the fking credaits...

sorry if my p.s is "FLAMEING" well i'm sorry the truth is all ways the best.