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    Hacked Lobby with Console

    Sup guys,

    i need someone who can give me the "Text Ping Bar" in MW2.
    I know that i can disable it with a console, but on my non-banned-account, i wont open the console. Yall know why.
    I already gave some other guys a Text Ping Bar, when i hosted a Lobby.

    And that is why I now ask y'all if someone can add me on Steam, to give me the "Text Ping Bar".
    The console command is:
    “/cg_scoreboardpingtext 1″

    Send a PM to me for my Steam-username.

    Thank you!

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    I'm not sure if there is for numbers but there is a bar mod that shows 10 bars and not 4. Thanks to Levelian from the Whirlpool forums:
    Just wondering why IW have left out this little snippet of information, but i think i know why ill explain how to do it first then explain why i think they left it out.

    This is for PC ONLY

    More accurate pings:
    1. Navigate to the folder: 'program files\steam\steamapps\common\call of duty modern warfare 2\players' and open the file config_mp.cfg

    2. Change scoresping_interval from 100 to 20, and maxbars from 4 to 10 (10 is the max).

    Now this isnt my find my friend told me this, but full credit to the person that originally found it. My reason i think they dont like you knowing this ping Mod is that it shows you your true speed to the host and yes it also show's you who is hosting by showing you who has the most bar's see below

    10 bar's full stable connection – The Host
    6 – 9 bars ... Close to host same state
    3 – 5 same country more or less or close neighbor country
    1 – 2 other side of the world lol

    Now when im playing i see lets say im in ground war with 18 people online ... i see the pings at around 5 – 7 bars on ½ the people then i see the 10 bar ping and then i see alot of low 1 – 3 bar people.

    I instantly know that the 10 bar is the host , the others are close and the high pings are in diff country's.

    The reason they didnt enable this to start with is they dont want you knowing who the host is, futher more if they show you only 4 bars its quite easy to misinterpret how good your ping is ... but with 10 bars its a whole different story. Consistently i see soo many people with 1 – 4 bars connection and then only 2 – 3 people with anything about 6 or more.
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    yah theres number ping command.. which i have, i would be happy to let u join my server and give it to u? message me and ill add u to friends on steam

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