Hello. I need a file name iw_23.iwd and yes u know the updater downloads it, but it downloads soo slowly! I downloaded the map pack from another site but i still need iw_23.iwd. I can download the 10 mb files with the updater. That i no problem. The only problem is iw_23.iwd. Can anyone help me on this? I tryed to download the official torrent but i soon realize that i can't tick the data that i want. I have a very slow connection. And please don't to say "Ohh just leave it over night it will download". No it wont! Another window pops un 30 mins later write ERROR all over it (sarcasm). If you need anyting else just ask it. I'm not very active so if you want me to notify quick add me on skype: peterpisko12321
Thanks in advance.