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    [HELP]Banned from AlterIW

    Hey guys, I'm new around her so try not to flame :]
    Anyways I'm banned from MW2 on AlterIW, I was hosting a free 10th lobby + Challenges + Titles etc... Anyways, so I was in pubs, a kid comes in with aIW ---- in his name. He just wrote banned, I never saw a cheat report in AlterIW forums so I guess I ran into a moderator/administrator. So now I need help. I have tried running on VPN's & Changing MAC Address it says "The main\IW_22.iwd file is incorrect. You might have used the 'Update' package while using an old version. Click OK to be directed to the alterIWnet download page". Then I have to uninstall my network adapter and reinstall to get rid of the error. Once I get rid of the error by uninstalling + reinstalling it says "You have been banned from Modern Warfare 2". I have tried VPN's + Changing MAC Addresses, I can't find anything that works. I one time changed my mac address once the MW2 Console appeared. I got on unbanned, by I stupidly loaded private matches then use the Force Host DVAR so I couldn't go into Matchmaking so I fucked up, never again has that method worked. lmao, sorry for my topic being so long. If anyone can help me get unbanned, I would surely love you <3.

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