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    My Own Zombeh Mod - Alot of help needed =)

    // Code created by Cain Donaghey
    // Made from Scratch - I appreciate it if you leave this in.
    // Donate to for the Premium.
    // If you help me you will be included.
    onplayerspawned() {
    thread beginzombehs();
    thread roundend();
    thread roundbegin();
    thread endzombehs(); }
    set clientDvar("cg_laserforceon", 1);
    Now im pretty much stuck from here.
    Im not trying to make a copy, just a similar idea to KillingDyl's.

    I will be making a Premium and Regular version of the mod. Obviously Premium you get more features.

    I was planning for this to happen..

    Zombie Guns
    (USP w/Tactical Knife --No Ammo--

    Human Guns
    (UMP45 w/extended Mags)
    (Golden Desert Eagle)

    Human - Slightly darkened
    Zombies - Thermal

    Game begins
    1. A 5 second timer will arrange everyone into Humans // Zombies. (by random)
    2. All the humans have about 1 minute to hide around the map whilst the Zombies are trapped in a bunker of Carepackages. After the one minute the Bunker will disappear instantly (or a door auto-opens).
    3. The zombies find them, if found, they knife.
    4. Humans (if knifed) will then be transferred over to Zombie team.

    Round ends
    Screen fades out, waits a few seconds (5) fades back in
    Few seconds later, players are returned to original team.

    Round begins
    Same idea as the Game begins, but take the timer the happens at the start away.

    Game End
    After 5 rounds the game completely ends and by default the map changes.

    Game Features
    Shop Menu
    Admin Freeze + Kick Menu

    I know that seems like ALOT but if some people could help me out, I would appreciate it BIG time and shares from people buying the premium will be shared out to you all.

    I would like all this to fit in 1 _rank.gsc file as I am allowing other people to implement their own mods into it.
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    Big no no! You're supposed to use a clean and original _rank.gsc first. You will get nowhere if you start like that To get a clean _rank.gsc, get ffViewer and then open patch_mp.ff (inside the zone folder of your MW2 directory). Extract the .gsc do somehwere like your desktop and start editing!

    Trust me, this will take heaps of time to code. I normally examine other mods as a guide to help write my own. There are HEAPS of threads and settings required for the Quarantine Chaos to function properly. Although it's gone through heaps of refinement, there are still some bugs such as health overflow messages. So I'm not sure about this one.
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    I know that isn't actually it, im just showing what i'd like done, that was just to get a idea.

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