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    How to make custom classes?

    Hey, I already have a new problem.
    I want to make custom classes for everyone in my quickscope mod, so if you pick class 1 you will get this and this and if you pick class 2 you will get this and this.
    How can I do that?

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    Here is a nifty piece of code I found a while back when I first started coding GSCs.

    You can use this to make the classes:
    Replace the phrase "itemName" in all these with the name you want to use from the Gsc modding codes thread near top of post Gun, Perk, Attachment, and Camo Names.

    for (i = 0; i < 10; i++)
     self setPlayerData( "customClasses", i, "name", "Text" ); //Class name
     self setPlayerData( "customClasses", i, "weaponSetups", 0, "weapon", "itemName" ); //Primary Gun
     self setPlayerData( "customClasses", i, "weaponSetups", 0, "attachment", 0, "itemName" ); //Primary Gun Attachment 1
     self setPlayerData( "customClasses", i, "weaponSetups", 0, "attachment", 1, "itemName" ); //Primary Gun Attachment 2
     self setPlayerData( "customClasses", i, "weaponSetups", 0, "camo", "itemName" ); //Primary Camo
     self setPlayerData( "customClasses", i, "weaponSetups", 1, "weapon", "itemName" ); //Secondary Gun
     self setPlayerData( "customClasses", i, "weaponSetups", 1, "attachment", 0, "itemName" ); //Secondary Gun Attachment 1
     self setPlayerData( "customClasses", i, "weaponSetups", 1, "attachment", 1, "itemName" ); //Secondary Gun Attachment 2
     self setPlayerData( "customClasses", i, "weaponSetups", 1, "camo", "itemName" ); //Secondary Camo
     self setPlayerData( "customClasses", i, "perks", 0, "itemName" ); //Equipment
     self setPlayerData( "customClasses", i, "perks", 1, "itemName" ); //Perk 1
     self setPlayerData( "customClasses", i, "perks", 2, "itemName" ); //Perk 2
     self setPlayerData( "customClasses", i, "perks", 3, "itemName" ); //Perk 3
     self setPlayerData( "customClasses", i, "perks", 4, "itemName" ); //Deathstreak
     self setPlayerData( "customClasses", i, "specialGrenade", "itemName" ); //Special Grenade
    You can do this for each class you want setup so one team gets one set of primary and secondary guns and equipment and the other gets another set.

    Also as it shows above try 0 for primary and 1 for secondary
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