Thread: OllyDBG, WTF!?

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    OllyDBG, WTF!?

    Hey there follow hacker :P,

    I'm not completely new to coding I know kindof alot about and java and abit of C++ and C#.

    But I can't figure out OllyDBG , even by following the guides and shit.

    I can get the Offset, like the numbers and letters :P, but anyway so like i found cg_fireweapon (Outta my head I think it's this) but all the guides say: overwrite the highlighted area to things like 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x01 or stuff like that but I don't get this, if I double click it it gives me a box to type something in should I type that.

    Or in the guides it also says something like wrote mov eax repl or something like that, should i type that is the box that appears.

    I know you think sucks

    Anyway thanks

    Edit: Ow yeah I forgot to ask bu isn't 0x the code for hacking in C++
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    I'm not sure since I personally don't use OllyDBG for offsets. But mabe you shoud read some tutorials or books on Assembly. It's really helps when it comes to memory handling etc.

    Check here! (first link)
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