Hey hackers and hackerets :P,

I'm going a bit crazy for this annoying thing,

Here's the problem:
I want to in VB add a adress to a button.
I'm using Blubb1337s module found here
In this module memory hacking (which is what I'm using right now) is:
memoryh4x(&HADRESS, value, bytes)
this works fine, but when I try to add a adress which is iw4mp+ADRESS it doesn't do anything.

Blubb said just remove the iw4mp+ or use pointer in my .dll

Removing the iw4mp didn't work.

And when I added his .dll I saw that there where different pointers
SetMemoryPointer(base, offset, value, bytelength)
ReadMemoryPointer(base, offset, bytelength)
SetFloatPointer(base, offset, value)
ReadFloatPointer(base, offset)

I think it's this one
SetMemoryPointer(base, offset, value, bytelength)

And this might be a really stupid question but whats a base?

Please leave the answer below