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    wierd thing with name tag in mw2

    hi guys, hope its ok i post this(i did read the rules and dont see any reson not to), ANYWAY; I noticed while playing mw2 multi that if I put my name in as: "^v^V^" that it steals half of somone elses name in the match im playing. more info: after a match it changes to some numbers and letters 601a00010ect if staying in same game (same lobby?) but when re-entered it steals half a name again, just wondering if any of you smart people have a explanation for this? i like it cos people get angry at me for hacking then dont know who to boot or report when game ends as it goes back to ^v^V^ at end of game,can ne one give me more info on whats really happening here?
    feel free to try it out
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