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    Custom skins install

    I've installed custom camo's but I seem to be having some trouble with skins, I've been attempting mostly secondarys. I copy and replace the skin file into my mw2 iw_xx folder and save and close out everything. When I open up mw2 nothing is different, I double check to make sure I followed the steps and put everything where it should be, still no dice. I don't get an error about difference in the files or anything when I play online. I'm certain I'm placing the files in the right folder, lets see if I can scratch up an example...

    ok working on the M9
    I take file "weapon_beretta_393_col.iwi"
    drag it into the images folder in the iw_06 folder in my mw2 main folder
    save and start mw2
    no change in private match or public

    so being the thinking man I am I think well maybe I can get it to work
    after poking around a bit and going back over everything I've read
    I copy and rename the file "weapon_beretta_c.iwi" which I got from the reference sticky
    save and start mw2
    boom private match works, files differ from server in public
    restore my files sit here and punch myself in the head trying to figure it out, look at every install guide I can find to see if I missed something

    and then posted here...

    any help would be, well, helpful
    thanks in advance

    I apologize for my ultra noob status, I haven't skinned things since CS1.6. It's probably something I've blatantly missed and just need to go to sleep.
    thanks again

    EDIT: Well after all that I figured out that the skin was in a mislabeled folder and is actually a raffica skin, which makes sense seeing as they're almost the same thing, feel free to ignore and/or delete this for those with the power to do so
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