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    Find J_HEAD and J_HELMET ?

    How to find this offsets to alteriw ?

    move if i posted in wrong forum.


    0045E91A 68 E41B7100 PUSH iw4mp.00711BE4 ; ASCII "j_helmet"
    0045E91F 66:A3 84A7AF01 MOV WORD PTR DS:[1AFA784],AX
    0045E925 E8 A634FFFF CALL iw4mp.00451DD0
    0045E92A 68 EC336F00 PUSH iw4mp.006F33EC ; ASCII "j_head"
    0045E92F 66:A3 86A7AF01 MOV WORD PTR DS:[1AFA786],AX
    0045E935 E8 9634FFFF CALL iw4mp.00451DD0
    0045E93A 68 2C117300 PUSH iw4mp.0073112C ; ASCII "all"
    0045E93F 66:A3 88A7AF01 MOV WORD PTR DS:[1AFA788],AX
    0045E945 E8 8634FFFF CALL iw4mp.00451DD0
    0045E94A 68 68A36F00 PUSH iw4mp.006FA368 ; ASCII "allies"
    0045E94F 66:A3 8AA7AF01 MOV WORD PTR DS:[1AFA78A],AX
    0045E955 E8 7634FFFF CALL iw4mp.00451DD0
    0045E95A 68 8CBC6E00 PUSH iw4mp.006EBC8C ; ASCII "angles"
    0045E95F 66:A3 8CA7AF01 MOV WORD PTR DS:[1AFA78C],AX
    0045E965 E8 6634FFFF CALL iw4mp.00451DD0
    0045E96A 68 305C7300 PUSH iw4mp.00735C30 ; ASCII "auto_ai"
    0045E96F 66:A3 8EA7AF01 MOV WORD PTR DS:[1AFA78E],AX
    0045E975 E8 5634FFFF CALL iw4mp.00451DD0
    0045E97A 68 E4966D00 PUSH iw4mp.006D96E4 ; ASCII "auto_nonai"
    0045E97F 66:A3 90A7AF01 MOV WORD PTR DS:[1AFA790],AX
    0045E985 E8 4634FFFF CALL iw4mp.00451DD0
    0045E98A 68 9C0F7100 PUSH iw4mp.00710F9C ; ASCII "axis"
    0045E98F 66:A3 92A7AF01 MOV WORD PTR DS:[1AFA792],AX
    0045E995 E8 3634FFFF CALL iw4mp.00451DD0
    0045E99A 68 A0306F00 PUSH iw4mp.006F30A0 ; ASCII "back"
    0045E99F 66:A3 94A7AF01 MOV WORD PTR DS:[1AFA794],AX
    0045E9A5 E8 2634FFFF CALL iw4mp.00451DD0
    0045E9AA 68 E8636F00 PUSH iw4mp.006F63E8 ; ASCII "bad_guys"
    0045E9AF 66:A3 96A7AF01 MOV WORD PTR DS:[1AFA796],AX
    0045E9B5 E8 1634FFFF CALL iw4mp.00451DD0
    0045E9BA 68 68847100 PUSH iw4mp.00718468 ; ASCII "bad_path"
    0045E9BF 66:A3 98A7AF01 MOV WORD PTR DS:[1AFA798],AX
    0045E9C5 E8 0634FFFF CALL iw4mp.00451DD0
    0045E9CA 68 04BB7100 PUSH iw4mp.0071BB04 ; ASCII "begin_firing"
    0045E9CF 66:A3 9AA7AF01 MOV WORD PTR DS:[1AFA79A],AX
    0045E9D5 E8 F633FFFF CALL iw4mp.00451DD0
    0045E9DA 68 F4607300 PUSH iw4mp.007360F4 ; ASCII "begin_firing_left"
    0045E9DF 66:A3 9CA7AF01 MOV WORD PTR DS:[1AFA79C],AX
    0045E9E5 E8 E633FFFF CALL iw4mp.00451DD0
    0045E9EA 83C4 40 ADD ESP,40
    0045E9ED 68 BC716F00 PUSH iw4mp.006F71BC ; ASCII "cancel_location"
    0045E9F2 66:A3 9EA7AF01 MOV WORD PTR DS:[1AFA79E],AX
    0045E9F8 E8 D333FFFF CALL iw4mp.00451DD0
    0045E9FD 68 10357300 PUSH iw4mp.00733510 ; ASCII "chest"
    0045EA02 66:A3 A0A7AF01 MOV WORD PTR DS:[1AFA7A0],AX
    0045EA08 E8 C333FFFF CALL iw4mp.00451DD0
    0045EA0D 68 204F6E00 PUSH iw4mp.006E4F20 ; ASCII "confirm_location"
    0045EA12 66:A3 A2A7AF01 MOV WORD PTR DS:[1AFA7A2],AX
    0045EA18 E8 B333FFFF CALL iw4mp.00451DD0
    0045EA1D 68 D8876E00 PUSH iw4mp.006E87D8 ; ASCII "crouch"
    0045EA22 66:A3 A4A7AF01 MOV WORD PTR DS:[1AFA7A4],AX
    0045EA28 E8 A333FFFF CALL iw4mp.00451DD0
    0045EA2D 68 BCB27100 PUSH iw4mp.0071B2BC ; ASCII "current"
    0045EA32 66:A3 A6A7AF01 MOV WORD PTR DS:[1AFA7A6],AX
    0045EA38 E8 9333FFFF CALL iw4mp.00451DD0
    0045EA3D 68 18007000 PUSH iw4mp.00700018 ; ASCII "damage"
    0045EA42 66:A3 A8A7AF01 MOV WORD PTR DS:[1AFA7A8],AX
    0045EA48 E8 8333FFFF CALL iw4mp.00451DD0
    0045EA4D 68 CC9E7100 PUSH iw4mp.00719ECC ; ASCII "dead"
    0045EA52 66:A3 AAA7AF01 MOV WORD PTR DS:[1AFA7AA],AX
    0045EA58 E8 7333FFFF CALL iw4mp.00451DD0
    0045EA5D 68 50597200 PUSH iw4mp.00725950 ; ASCII "death"
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    /moved to help section, marked as solved and closed
    I love it when people keep their agreements /sarcasm ftw

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