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    MW2 Need Help! please

    So hey guys ive been joining games and been hoping for host i got it once then it just came out of my hands to a new host some how but i just found out today that you can use the host tool but i press find game then "TeamDeathmatch" and then after that i press F4 it works and i can change options but when 1 person join just 1 it just starts the game automatic without me pressing F5 also i tryed searching up how to always be host on mw2 it showed me these commands "party_hostmigration 0; party_connecttimeout 1; badhost_endgameifisuck 0" now i entered them in one by one and it just says "Unknown command "party_hostmigration 0" now im not sure why it does that but i really need some help please
    yes im using liberation because alteriwnet always gives me bad ping and i never find any good games only with liberation i can find good games.

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