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    Modding/Hacking Terminology Help

    Hey guys, Tigerz here. I'm a bit new to hacking and I need a bit of help with some of the terms. So I have a few questions, hopefully someone will answer most of them:
    1.What is an internal and external hack/esp and what is the difference?
    2.What encryption does .dll use?
    3.How do you make .dlls?(Do you just noramlly code in C/java and then use a program to convert to a .dll? Please explain)
    4.What language is MW2 coded in? (C#/Java?)
    5.How can i make non injectable hacks? (Using a program, not injector)
    6.Is there a template I could use for a mod menu?

    That's all the questions i have for now, thanks for listening. I hope someone can share their knowledge with me.
    Thanks, Tigerz. PEACE!

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    1. Internal = Injected. This kind of hack has access to all the game memory from inside.
    External = Not Injected. usually this sort of hack uses Reading/Writing routines to get the stuff he needs.. Usually safer than Injected ones.

    2. If you're talking about C++ Dlls, they usually doesn't have any encryptation. But you can't get the source code back cause the dlls is made of just Machine Code. And most time it has been optimized, so a lot of the code is simply gone. .NET Dlls on the other hand can be decompiled if they aren't encrypted.

    3. When you create your project usually there's an option to generate a dll instead of an exe.

    4. Mostly C++ i guess.

    5. You learn a language then make it

    6. There should be some on google :S

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