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    Lightbulb Sup

    I was just wondering if someone could list the liberation in game binds, or simply link me to them,
    I cannot find them lol..
    Sorry if this sounds lazy


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    Lobby hotkeys:
        F4 - Host a public ranked match with custom settings - Go to "Find Game", choose your favorite game type,
    							and then hit the hotkey. Customize the settings however
    							you'd like, and then hit F5 to start the game when ready.
    						Note: MAKE SURE that you hit hotkey BEFORE the game joins a lobby.
    Alt+F4 - Reset player stats to blank level 70 prestige 10 (you'll lose customized kits and may need re-unlocking attachments)
    	 [you'll hear a confirmation 'ding' sound once you press this key combo]
        F5 - Start the game (when using F4 to force-host)
    In-game hotkeys:
        F1 - Toggle draw fps and current host
    Alt+F1 - Switch to another mod *
        F2 - Open developer console
    Alt+F2 - Restart server (for scr_ dvars and mod switching) *
        F3 - Team-kill exploit tool - Join a game, make sure the other team has at least one spot left,
    			       Press hotkey, click on the enemy team, choose class, kill the green guys.
    			       Because this exploit requires at least one spot, it is recommended to do it
    			       at the beginning of a game when people are still joining.
    			       For "spec-nading", go into any game, go near teammate with claymore/grenade,
    			       place claymore/grenade near teammate, press hotkey, Spectator. Watch it blow them up.
    			       Press the hotkey again and "auto assign" to re-join your team.
    Alt+F3 - Toggle mod randomization - picks a random mod for the next game *
        F4 - Graphics performance tweaks for gaming on a low-powered system (e.g. work laptops)
    	 [600+% performance boost obtained from a laptop with integrated HD 3200!]
    	 [Boosted from 30 fps to 200 fps!]
    Alt+F4 - Random name spoofer - spoofs to random person's name every 30 seconds *donor and premium members only *
        F5 - Toggle infinite ammo *
    Alt+F5 - Toggle god mode *
        F6 - Toggle apparent team - a fix for 'yellow team bug' and 'proper' team switching (combine with F3) *
    Alt+F6 - Toggle intelligent middle finger spam
        F7 - Toggle rapid fire (for pistols, barrett, FAL, etc)
    Alt+F7 - Toggle rapid fire for akimbo weapons
        F8 - Toggle rapid fire with jitter for burst weapons (e.g. M16, FAMAS)
        F9 - Force end current game
         X - Toggle No-Clip
    You should've got a .txt file listing them doh

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    Sorry, i didn't look.. dat pic doe :/ so scary :/

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