Attention Mercenaries

Get ready, because Crossfire x Razer packages are coming your way once again! The event kicks off at 7 pm on March 1st, and runs until March 31st.

Purchase ZP and checkout using the Razer zGold pay option to obtain crates and exclusive Razer weapons!
Each ZP package rewards you with Razer crates + random crates from this list:

Wild Shot Crate
Sagittarius Eagle Crate
Street Battle Crate
Dragon Buster Crate


Purchase 20,000 ZP

Receive 1 Razer Crate
2 Random Crates

Purchase 50,000 ZP

Receive 4 Razer Crates
4 Random Crates

Purchase 100,000 ZP

Receive 8 Razer Crates
9 Random Crates

Take advantage of these razer-sharp deals while they last!

- Crossfire Team