Attention Mercenaries

Our annual Ghost Mode Tournament is back, and better than ever. Gather your team and duke it out in a tournament bracket for a chance to win coveted rewards!


Registration: March 1st - March 12th

Tournament Begins: TBD (will take place on one of the last two weekends in March)

*each individual teammate receives prizes listed below

1st Place - Melee Weapon of choice

2nd Place - 100,000 ZP

3rd Place - 50,000 ZP


Registration for the tournament will take place within this thread. Here is what you need to know!

Please provide all teammates' profile links in this thread to successfully register (*users must be 2 years hack free)
Teams will compete in a 5 v 5 format. Each team can register a maximum of 6 players (*in case of substitution)
Team changes will be allowed up until the final teams list is finalized. Registration closes on March 12th
If a team registers and does not show up, they will not be allowed to participate in future tournaments
Teams will be selected to compete on a first-come, first-serve basis, so register now!

This thread is MAINLY for team registration. Please keep off-topic chat to a minimum and post your team roster in the format below to confirm your entrance. Thank you!

*Example Team Registration (please follow this format exactly as shown here)

Team Name: GM Team


Rules & Regulations

Match Format

Matches will be 7 rounds. Each team gets to play a full game as GR and BL, so the side you start on does not matter. The winning team is decided by higher total rounds.

Weapon / Item Rules
(*weapons will be provided to players)

VIPS: Are NOT to be equipped by any player during this tournament
BL Weapons: CFS Knife / CFS Axe
GR Weapons: Primary Weapons - Silenced M4A1 / Silenced AK47, Secondary - Desert Eagle, Melee - CFS Knife / CFS Axe
Throwing Weapons: No coloured smoke, no wide grenades, and no ZP grenades
Only items permitted: Breath down, expand grenade slot, speed set-up/defuse
GP male characters only

Maps List


Recording / Match Replays

Replays of your matches must be saved
In an effort to reduce glitching / cheating, all players must record their game play with sound. Reasonable time will be given to upload if necessary. Choose your quality wisely as a blurry video will not help your case.

Client Errors

In the case of an error, take a screenshot. Afterwards, you may rejoin the game. If this is abused to get some extra picks, a round will be lost.

This thread will be updated with comprehensive details as the event progresses. For now, sign up your team and let's begin March of the Ghosts!