Attention Mercenaries,

To celebrate CrossFire 8th Anniversary, we prepared a booster pack to help you out a little this month.

Starting tomorrow (March 2, 2017), when you purchase 10,000 ZP or more, you will receive the following:

AK-47 Fury (3 Days)
St. Patrick's Day Hat (30 Days)
Bulletproof Helmet & Jacket ( 7 Days)
Panda Backpack (7 Days)
1 Change IGN Item
Speedy C4 Setup/Defuse Kit (7 Days)
Expanded Grenades Slot (7 Days)
Smoke Protection Helmet (7 Days)
Flash Guard (7 Days)

If this is the first time you purchase ZP, enjoy playing with Foxy for 30 Days.

*You can only receive the package once.

CrossFire Team